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In Social Studies this year you will learn how the United States was first torn apart by the Civil War and then reunited as one country. The United States becomes one of the strongest countries in the world culturally, economically, and politically. Throughout the evolution of the United States there were many difficulties and many success stories. You will learn about these difficulties and successes through videos, projects, and readings.
There were many eras in U.S. history and each one will be explored to get a better understanding of how our ancestors lived. The Jazz Era will come alive with music from that time.
The United States has entered many different wars throughout the course of history. We will discover WWI, WWII, The Cold War, as well as more recent wars such as The Vietnam War and The Iraqi War. There will be some time spent on the Holocaust as the class will learn about genocide, concentration camps, ghettos, and much more. Along with learning about these interesting aspects of the Holocaust, the students will learn what it means to be a bystander, upstander, and why certain decisions were made during the Holocaust through videos, participant diaries, and artifacts from the time. The time spent on the Holocaust will culminate with a field trip to the Holocaust Museum.

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